My work is inspired by a personal conversation I have with myself daily. With a background in industrial and graphic design, I can’t help but have an acute awareness of the process involved in the development of almost everything we come into contact with on a daily basis. I know too much now; I can’t look back. There are two aspects that I can’t unsee, and I pull this into my work to explore them and open up a discussion I think we need to be having. 

One, is the true artistry in design and creation. Nothing in design is a throwaway thought; every line, every curve and every material has been carefully taken into consideration and decided upon. So how do some things get branded as art, and celebrated as so, and others are overlooked and unseen? Does functionality rob us of appreciation in design? 

The second is production and sustainability - there is no turning back now, we are all responsible, so let’s talk about it.

We are such a consumerist society but how much do we know about the production of every item that crosses our palm? And how much do we know of its story upon disposal? 

I want to open out this subject and make it very literal. I want to create visual stories of process, production and, waste and convey through my work the scale and impact behind each item. I am working on creating awareness of production and sustainability, but not with harsh language, intimidating articles or overwhelming facts, but with a visual conversation, to invite people into the discussion and encourage people to think differently about their decisions. This is my journey now - my purpose - and communicating our power and predicament is what I strive to achieve.


2013-14     Continuing Education courses in Graphic Design, School of Visual Art of NYC USA.
2005-08     BFA (Hons), Industrial and Product Design, Instituto Europeo di Design of Milan Italy.

Exhibition History

Aug 2019 Galleri Golsa, “Velvet Ropes”, Oslo Norway (Group) Nov 2018   Galleri F48, "Juleutstilling", Oslo Norway (Group).
May 2018 Galleri F48, “Mental Mechanism”, Oslo Norway (Solo)

Publications and Media

Apr 2019  “Ragnhild Jevne maler teknologi vi tar for gitt” - Interview with
Jun 2018  Stilsikker Kunstdebutant” - In Magasinet
May 2018  “Ragnhild Jevne: Fra toppmodell til kunstner” - Melk & Honning
May 2018  “Ragnhild Jevne: Minimalisme” - Alex Ark Magasin
Mar 2018   "Fra modellsuksess til soloutstilling - møt Ragnhild Jevne”


Private Collections